1. What Should You Look For In The Best Naples Locksmith?

    As locksmiths in Naples and Collier, Lee, and Hendry counties, the team at Sure-Lock brings over 20 years of experience to the job. That’s quite a few years of locksmithing, and in our time serving homeowners, business owners, and people locked out of their residence or vehicle, we’ve seen quite…Read More

  2. Lock Away The Truth About These Locksmithing Myths

    With a fairly straightforward industry like locksmithing, you’d think that there would be little to no misinformation circulating around the type of work that we do. Alas, the internet never seems to fail in terms of providing misinformation about nearly everything, and so here we are writing a bl…Read More

  3. Your Naples Locksmith Offers These Useful Home Security Tips

    According to data from a 2012 FBI crime report, one in every thirty-six U.S. homes will be broken into this year. This results in an average loss of about $2,230 per break-in, totaling in an annual loss of about $4.7 billion dollars. Nationwide, you’re looking at a burglary occurs about every 15 s…Read More

  4. When To Outright Replace Locks vs Rekeying Them

    In the locksmith world, the age-old debacle between replacing locks versus simply rekeying them continues to persist. Most homeowners tend to value security, but they’re also in search of a good deal and they’re not going to put any more money into their home than they have to. This is also the …Read More

  5. For Landlords: Things To Do Once A Tenant Moves Out

    The ideal situation for a landlord is remarkably simple: to have low-maintenance tenants that take care of your property and respect your space, pay rent on time, and...well, that’s actually about it. As convoluted as rental situations tend to get, the truth of the matter is that many lease contra…Read More

  6. Organization Tips to Help You Keep Track of Your Keys

    Organization Tips to Help You Keep Track of Your Keys

    “I’m so sorry that I’m 45 minutes late — I couldn’t find my car keys!” It’s a classic statement that serves as the perfect excuse for your lack of punctuality. Yet, as good of an excuse as is this for many people, it’s also a genuine reality characterized by doubt, fear, panic, and …Read More

  7. A Warm Welcome To Our Blog!

    From our team of locksmith experts here at Sure-Lock Locksmith, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our recently redesigned website as well as our blog. Perhaps you’re in search of a reliable commercial locksmith for your business to secure multiple rooms or even buildings. Maybe you’re one …Read More